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Welcome to DriverXchange, your "One Stop Shop" for driving jobs.

DriverXchange is not like other driver recruiting services and job boards...our service is highly personalized.  We don't make your information available to hundreds of carriers who endlessly call you with driving jobs that are of no interest to you. At DriverXchange we look for driving jobs for you...and we contact you directly about driving opportunities that are only of interest to you.

DriverXchange works with local, regional and national carriers as well as specialty carriers and other carriers throughout the country.

DriverXchange is a free service to drivers looking to find employment or for drivers looking for a change in their career path.  We're kind of like an independent insurance agent.  Where an independent insurance agent may work with multiple insurance companies to help find you the policy that's right for you and your family, DriverXchange works with multiple carriers to help find the driving job that's right for you and your family.  We work for you!

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